Guest Information


Welcome To Lake Shore Country Club

Please take a few minutes to review the guest information on this page and familiarize yourself with our policies
regarding dress, cell phone usage, smoking, and golf.

If you have any questions, please call the Member Services Desk at 847-835-3000.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones should be set on vibrate while at the Club and, with discretion and consideration to others, should only be used for texting and checking messages.

If you need to make a call while at the Club, cell phones for voice calls are allowed in the parking lots, the Eastside phone booth (near the Front Desk), and the Golf and Tennis Locker Rooms in the immediate area where the landline phones are located.


We ask guests to always dress appropriately at the Club. Swimwear is not allowed to be worn in the Main Clubhouse, and hats, caps, and visors on men are not permitted while inside. Tasteful head protection may be worn while dining outdoors.

Unless noted otherwise, the following is a list of acceptable attire for a Club event at the various dining outlets.

The Lounge, the Main Dining Room and the Terrace:

  • Country Club Casual for dinner
    Tuesday through Saturday
  • Family Casual is permitted at lunch
    and for Sunday Night Dinners

Bluff House:

  • Family Casual, including swimsuits
  • Shoes or flip-flops are required inside

Westside Locker Grill:

  • Family Casual (no swimsuits)


For Gentlemen: Slacks or dress jeans (defined as tasteful and neat with no holes or distressed/tattered appearance), long or short-sleeved collared shirts. Jackets are optional.

For Women: Casual dresses, slacks or dress jeans, appropriate length shorts or skirts.


Dress jeans, appropriate-length shorts, and athletic attire (clothing consistent with current golf or tennis fashion) are acceptable. Please, no cutoffs, cropped tops, mesh shirts, sports jerseys, or swimwear. Clothing with excessive, large, or inappropriate logos or graphics is prohibited.


U.S.G.A. rules will govern all play except where modified by local rules.

If you have any golf questions, please contact Zack Fidler, Director of Golf, at 847-835-3051.
The Lake Shore Golf Course is beautiful and well-maintained. To keep it that way, we ask that golfers:

  •  Replace all divots
  •  Make sure that traps are raked
  •  Place rakes outside of traps
  •  Use suitable ball markers on the greens
  •  Repair all ball marks on greens
  •  Exit from traps at the rear or sides
  •  Exercise proper golf etiquette
  •  Refrain from using the golf course as a
    substitute for the practice range


  •  Golfers must wear appropriate attire while at Lake Shore.
  •  Shirts must be tucked in, and appropriate (noninvasive)
    shoes must always be worn.
  •  Metal golf spikes are not permitted. Members are also
    advised that some non-metal spikes can damage greens
    and tees and may be prohibited.

By this policy, the following clothing is not permitted on the Golf Course:

  •  T-shirts
  •  Cut-off shorts, cargo shorts or ultra-short shorts
  •  Workout clothing
  •  Blue jeans or cargo pants
  •  Halter tops or mesh shirts
  •  Swimwear
  •  Hats worn backwards
  •  Camouflage patterned clothing
  •  Flip flop sandals


Smoking is prohibited inside any building and within 15 feet of any entryway. Smoking is also prohibited at the Pool Complex, outside dining areas, and golf practice areas.

Smoking is permitted on the East Lawn near the Adirondack chairs and on the golf course.